ARTIST Criticism
Kim’s work truly defines him as a “Painters Painter”-Rosie Gordon- Wallace

Kim’s work truly defines him as a “Painters Painter”

Several months ago I was invited by Kim to see his paintings in his studio in New York. I was surprised to see that Kim’s work truly defines him as a “Painters Painter” 
and I was introduced to a large room filled with skilled story telling.

Kim’s work is simple yet sophisticated. 
In a world in which time seems to zip past at the speed of lightening, and electronic data transmissions, Kim’s work embody an invitation to slow down and enjoy the work. 
The paintings are a symmetry of colors, which speak about time, patience and skill. 
These works speak about memory, movement, pleasures of materiality, solidity and a keen relationship to the hands of the painter who has brought disciplined attention to their construction. 
This work whispers about the simple pleasures of what was once real and filled with life and memories.

Diaspora Vibe presents Kim in his first solo exhibition in the State of Florida, an artist who has traveled many places and has shown all over the world, 
he brings to us his simple exquisitely painted works in East Side Story. 

Florida is large and culturally diverse, Miami is said to be the gate way to the Americas and the Caribbean. Kim could be positioned as the gateway story teller reminding us that simple is not always bad. 
His work encourages conversations about a sense of place, art of memory representing art and condition of the present.

Please enjoy this talented artist who chose us to expose his housescapes in this our fair city undergoing much change.
I feel the exhibition has the vitality that will inspire each of us to look deep within our soul and commit to execute work that has meaning and integrity.

Jan  2005
Rosie Gordon- Wallace 
Diaspora Vibe Gallery